Pet Travel Policy

(This policy does not apply to Service Animals, which is covered by our Service Animal Policy.)

Violating the Pet Travel Policy may result in removal of pet and passenger at nearest location.† No refunds will be given to passenger whom violates pet policy.


All pets (excluding Service Animals) will ride in the luggage compartment with checked luggage.† Animal plus container or kennel must be weighed as part of the luggage allowance.† Should they go over the allotted weight per ticket; excess fees will apply, just as regular luggage.


Permissible Pets

Dogs, cats and some birds.† The following birds may be accepted: Parakeet, Finch, Canary and Cockatiel.

Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old but will probably be older since they must have rabies vaccination.



Pet Travel Release Form must be signed in order for pet to travel with checked luggage.

Pets must travel with legal adult (18 years and over).† Not merely someone with an adult priced ticket.

Pet Travel is only offered at terminals and agencies, not available at pick up locations such as (Santa Fe, Blythe, Tucson, etc.) under any condition.† Drop-off locations are ok.

Owner must provide proof of current rabies vaccination for dog or cat and affirm that the vaccination record is for the animal traveling.

If the pet displays aggressive behavior, we have the right to refuse acceptance of the pet, even if form has already been signed.

The following stops are the only designated stops where owners can check on pet: meal stops and pre-planned passenger rest stops, unless at driverís sole discretion another stop is acceptable.

Checking on pet is defined as making sure pet has water and if practical, at the sole discretion of the bus driver, the dog may be taken out of the kennel at the aforementioned stops.††

Pets should only be accepted for travel if the temperature throughout the entire trip is expected to be 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Owner must also be notified that temperatures in luggage compartment might increase or decrease during the trip.† Owners are allowing pets to travel at their own risk.


Kennel Requirements for Dog and Cat

Kennel must be made of metal or plastic and must comply with airline standards.†

Kennel must be large enough for animal to stand, sit erect, turn around, and to lie in a natural position.

Kennel must have ventilation openings on at least 3 sides.

Absorbent bedding (towels, blankets) must be placed inside the kennel.† Hay straw, wood shavings or synthetic wood shavings are NOT acceptable as absorbent bedding.†

Kennel plus dog/cat must not be more than 70lbs combined.

Leak proof water bottle is permitted.


Container Requirements for Live Birds

Box specifically for bird travel should be used to contain live birds.

The box should have absorbent bedding (such as the dogs and cat kennel mentioned above).

Birds should be fed and given water prior to travel.

There should be no water in the bird boxes for any reason.


Pet Travel to Mexico

At this time, we are not accepting pets for travel to Mexico.†


Pet Travel Violations

Violating the Pet Travel Policy (e.g. hiding their dog in the purse on board the bus) will result in the removal of the pet and passenger at the nearest location.† Passengers who violate the Pet Travel Policy and are removed from the bus are not entitled to refunds.



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