Instructions for Purchasing

Tickets Online

Buying Tickets Online


· Select city to depart from and the destination. Select date(s) you would like to travel. Press ‘Search’

· Select trip time and indicate how many tickets are required.

· Click ’Select seats.’ Select any seat that is colored green.

· Click ‘Book Now/Go to checkout’

· Fill in any box that has a *, these are a requirement.

· Once payment has been made, you will receive a receipt and boarding passes


Comprando sus Boletos via Internet


· Seleccione origen “From” y destino “To.” Seleccione fecha(s) que desea viajar “Departing”, “Returning”, y oprima “Search”

· Seleccione la hora y oprima “Adult/Child” e indique cuantos boletos requiere en el lado derecho de la pagina.

· Oprima “Select seats.” Seleccione cualquier asiento en verde.

· Abajo de la pagina, oprima “Book Now/Go to checkout”

· Llene cajas con *, estas secciones son un requisito.

· Cuando este completo el pago, recibirá un recibo y los boletos vía email.



Customer Service Number


7 days a week, 6am - 10pm MST

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